Thermal management by nanotechnology

We are interested in characteristic thermal phenomena in nanoscale systems and development of novel thermal management technology in semiconductors by nanostructuring. We develop energy-autonomous sensing systems with thermoelectric energy harvesters with several companies. We also investigate "Integrated Quantum Electronics", which enables new physics and technology by hybridizing quanta. Recently, we focus on photon-phonon hybrid quantum science using surface phonon polaritons.

We accept master/PhD students and post-doctral researchers. Please contact


  • Postdoctoral Researchers in the fields of heat transfer in semiconductors and thermoelectrics. Please contact .


Prof. Nomura and Dr. Anufriev won Award for Best Review Paper, 42nd JSAP Outstanding Paper Award 2020.
Mr. Toyoda, a collaborative researcher, and Mr. Nawae, M1 joined our group.
MFP measurement paper by Dr.Anufriev was published in PRB.
Prof. Nomura won the 16th JSPS Prize.
SiGe nanowire paper by Mr. Okamoto was published in APL.
JST Mirai Project 「Utilizing magnetism to develop high performance thermoelectric materials and devices」started.
Many lab members joined NAMIS Workshop in Taiwan.
JST CREST Project 「Controlling Two-dimensional Surface Phonon Polariton Heat Transfer」started.
Many lab members presented in JSAP Conference in Hokkaido.
Mr. Huang's paper was published in ACS AMI (IF=8.1).
We enjoyed Lab trip in Kawaguchi lake.
Dr. Anufriev won the IPPA Junior Prize.
Mr. Yanagisawa won the Best Presentation Award in the 3rd Phonon Engineering WS.
Prof. Nomura's interview article was published in Top Researchers.
Prof. Nomura gave a Plenary Talk in ISNMHMT (China).
Prof. Nomura gave an invited talk in MRS (USA).
JST CREST Project 「フォノンエンジニアリングに立脚した熱電給電センシングシステム」started.
Many laboratory members made a presentation at LIMMS NextPV Joint Energy Workshop and Prof. Nomura gave an invited talk.
George's paper on thermoelectric conversion devices was published in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces.
Dr. Anufriev's paper on heat conduction in phononic crystals has been published in Nanomaterials.

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